• Manish Trivedi

  • (Director Leo College)
  • LLM (Netherland), MBA (London)

Director's Desk

Welcome to Leo College. It gives immense pleasure to present a profile of our Institution. India's Future in 21th century is dependent upon its youth in term youth future is dependent upon quality education of international standard. It is our motto to provide our youth the education which is of top class and also of International standard. We are committed to offer high quality education at an affordable cost in a broad range of disciplines.

The college is located in the pictures city of Banswara. A city which is located at the border of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and is also endowed with much natural resources. Our degree Program covers wide range of spectrums from Social Science Arts Humanities to Computer Application education & Business Management. Our highly qualified faculty .rigorous academic programs and vibrant atmosphere provide the perfect place for you to continue your education. I am proud of our Board of Trustees who have the vision to strive to provide a student oriented environment. This makes our college a most sought – after center of higher education.

Leo College has an earnest desire to groom every student and make each one not just man of success but a man of values. We want to ensure that quality education is providing to the student so that they thrive and break a way the shackles of ignorance. I would like you to visit our colleges and experience the academic ambience on the campus. I invite you to take advantage of the opportunities offered at the Leo College.

Our Organisation


Registered Society under Rajasthan Society Registration Act 1958

Society Registration No. : 84/Banswara/2007-08 | Registration Date : 31 Dec 2007 | PAN : AAAAN9185A

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